Week of 1 May 2017 – Journal

Not much of a witty title, but honestly tired of trying to come up with a witty and catchy title for my journal entries. So, will just be dating them from now on. Lazy? Maybe. Do I care? No.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of my journal writing will actually need to be typed versus handwriting. While I know the benefits of handwriting versus using the computer for journal writing, the arthritis in my right hand is begging for the change. I push through as best I can, but I really can’t handwrite more than one page anymore without my hand completely cramping up. I do have a brace – I may try to start using that some more – but it’s cumbersome.

In other news, it’s Monday – already. I believe the title of my memoir will be, “Two Days Is Not Enough.” Feels like I didn’t accomplish a whole lot, but I did get the front windows of the RAV4 tinted (along with a visor across the windshield) and washed it yesterday. Kicking myself in the ass for settling for the black interior – total pain in the ass to keep clean. But, I admit that with the front windows tinted now, it’s extremely cozy in there. J Will suck it up and learn to love the black – just need to learn the right way to maintain it. For some reason the Armour All leaves it looking streaky. Maybe I need something other than a microfiber cloth to apply it. The perplexing issues of my life….

One main objective for this week: I HAVE to do a massive brain dump. There is so much whirling around in my mind right now that it’s making me feel out of sorts. I have so much I want to accomplish both with the house (inside and out) and with my art that it’s all running together. Brain dumps for me is taking a large sheet of paper and writing down every “to-do” item running through my brain. It’s not meant to be a “do-it-all-now” list but simply a purge from my mind so I can focus again. From this large list I can pick a couple of things to focus on at once, and once they’re down, I can move on.

Update: completed the brain dump this morning! Here it is:

Nothing fancy, just purging the brain of all the thoughts running loose (I added a few more to the list since taking the pic). I’m not keeping this out in the open for me to see every day – that would be too stressful. As chunks of time open up I’ll see what I can get accomplished. Honestly, since seeing this all on paper, I’m now seriously contemplating hiring someone to do at least some of the painting, and possibly the landscaping. While in the confines of my mind this all seemed quite doable, but now, eh…. I’ve always desired to be a DIY superstar, but frankly, I just don’t have the time. I’d rater be using my free time on art, reading and simply relaxing. Call me lazy – I’m okay with that. 🙂

Another thing I need to start seriously considering this week, even though I don’t want to AT ALL, is the fate of my baby girl Kiara. She was really in the forefront of my mind this weekend because she’s taken a turn for the worse. As it usually happens with older dogs (she’s a 15-year old Chow Chow), it literally happened overnight. She’s been struggling with walking for a while now, but now it’s looking to be exceptionally hard for her to move, to even get up. Granted, you put a piece of chicken in her path and she will attempt to overcome any pain to move herself like a three-year old. But, she’s hurting. She doesn’t whimper or ever cry out, but the struggle is evident. The question is, how long do I let her go like this? UGH! It’s so hard. It will be devastating to let her go, but if she’s truly exhausted, I have to think of her comfort. It’s very easy to be selfish with this – I was with my one male Chewy before the evidence of his suffering smacked me in the face. I just ask the universe to guide me with this and to have her let me know when she’s truly ready to go.

And in art news, no painting was accomplished this weekend, but today at lunch I will start a new fish for completing in colored pencil. Thinking of drawing a maroon clown fish. Will post progress pics!

Peace, love, happiness, and harmony always.


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