One step at a time

I have to start writing here at work because the downtime will otherwise drive me crazy. It IS what drives me crazy most about this job. The perfect scenario would be for me to be able to go home once I complete whatever needs to be done for the day, or only work 6 am – 11 am. Perfectly doable, yet there is this bizarre thought process in this country that you MUST be at work for 40 hours. MUST! So stupid. Anyway, I have to start doing this. No more just thinking about it, whining to myself that I just can’t “get in the mood” to write. I just break this open and start writing. Whatever comes out, comes out.

More thinking on the trajectory I need to have for this website. Yes, my art must and will take center stage, so I do need to get images up. Conundrum – should I attempt to take this photos myself or spend the money on a good photographer? I really think I can do it myself – I need to get the right equipment first. I have the camera, so lighting and a white backdrop are the next things to acquire. Can just use a white sheet for the backdrop. Lighting – should spring for decent lights. And then, practice, practice, and practice some more.

My goal with my writing – to maintain a whine-free environment (Wine – yes! Whine – no!). I had another two paragraphs written but deleted them because I was just regurgitating the same whining I’ve posted before. Granted, life is not all sunshine and rainbows, but if I can’t stand to read it, why would anyone else?

This past week was rather busy to where I didn’t get much art completed. Today I’m working from home so I felt it was a good day to practice painting ocean waves. The below doesn’t look like much, but to make waves you need a good foundation first so I’m building this up to work on the waves during lunch today. Not much, but it is a step forward. With one step at a time, we can all accomplish great things, right?

                                                                                                 Water in progress (18 April 2017)


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