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As I get older I find myself wanting to really make some sort of positive impact on the world. I currently do through little things like recycling, being kind, and donating to worthy causes, but it’s time for more. This morning, after reading yet another idiotic rambling from our president-elect, I was annoyed. Annoyed that this is happening to our country; annoyed that so many fell for his propaganda hook-line-and-sinker; annoyed that so many just don’t want to think for themselves anymore, to do the homework in order to discern what’s fact and what is opinion. Anymore, many confused opinion with fact, and frankly, it drives me crazy. I shouldn’t let it get to me, but it does. It’s equal parts laziness and ignorance. I recognize not everyone knows how to dig for the truth, how to imply critical thinking to the information provided to them. This got me thinking about ways I could make a positive impact, starting within my community. How can I teach girls critical thinking skills? How can I make it fun and engaging? How I can start to donate my time to make a difference, even with just one person? These are a few ideas I was thinking about doing:

  1. Volunteering to mentor/read to/something for young girls. Big Sisters perhaps?
  2. Offer a painting/fitness/meditation course for older girls (and possible for women).
  3. Start calling local/state representatives and volunteer to do something to push forward progressive measures, as well as staying on top of local and state affairs (which is something I fail to do all the time).
  4. Keep posting here every Tuesday with progressive/positive/empowering posts.

Small measures, but it’s a start. Standing on the sidelines really isn’t an option anymore. Making a positive impact requires action of some sort that results in a positive experience for another person (or the environment or for animal welfare). I’m ready – are you?

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3 thoughts on “Making A Positive Impact

  1. Love this. I’m feeling the same way and making changes too. 🙂

  2. Love it! All of it. I agree, critical thinking is at an all time low. Discernment is not an important word these days. Good for you Jen – push those boundaries & make your mark. #imwithyou ☺

    1. Thank you Barb!

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