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First Two Weeks Tapering Off Antidepressants

I officially began my lower dose of Effexor XR July 23, from 150 mg to 112.5 mg (37.5 mg is the smallest capsule size). Overall withdrawal has been non-severe, which is good. First few days I did have severe tension headaches, but ibuprofen took care of that. However, I did have a couple of weird […]

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Using art to escape life

Last post I talked about my desire to taper off Effexor after being on it for eleven years. Another health concern on my radar is recent the report of an increased risk of breast cancer in correlation to alcohol consumption. I already have an increased risk of breast cancer from family history (my mother and […]

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Rain & my mind

Give me any rainy day and I will give you nothing in return. I do manage to get out of bed, and if I happen to be off from the day job, I will get a workout in first thing in the morning. But anything else – zippy. My chronic depression is kept in check, […]

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One step at a time

I have to start writing here at work because the downtime will otherwise drive me crazy. It IS what drives me crazy most about this job. The perfect scenario would be for me to be able to go home once I complete whatever needs to be done for the day, or only work 6 am […]

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