About Me

As the front page of my website states, I am an artist, animal lover, fitness fanatic, and serenity-seeker. And an introvert. All rolled into one tiny package.

As an artist, I enjoy glass painting (jars and vases mostly, although I currently have a large collection of painted wine bottles). I also paint canvases in both acrylic and oil. Nearly all creations are island-themed as I am island-obsessed. I find these landscapes soothing and painting them allows me to escape to the tropics, if even for an hour out of my day. I currently create for enjoyment, relaxation, and to maintain sanity, but the goal is to one day offer my art to the world. Stay tuned…

A few of my hibiscus bottles.


One of my favorites (painted on an old milk bottle I found).


Palms at dusk (acrylic on canvas).

I love all animals! Seriously, I’m not sure why I didn’t go into a career field where I worked with animals on a full-time basis. I’m passionate about elephants the most and foster a couple of orphans (Rapa and Sana Sana, along with an orphaned giraffe, Kiko) with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Bucket list goal – to visit the orphanage in Kenya within the next few years. Yay!

Exercise is like breathing to me – an absolute necessity. I can get quite cranky if I go more than two days without working out. I’ve been weight training since I was 12 (true story) and been running for the past 15 years or so. A hip injury in 2015 sidelined me from running outdoors, so the treadmill is now my best friend. I aim to workout six days a week with one of those days used for yin yoga (deep stretching). I love this type of yoga for it’s meditative quality, plus it’s a treat for my tight muscles and increases flexibility. At one point I had considered becoming a personal trainer, but decided against it as my lack patience would make the career more painful than rewarding.

Me being a goof on the island of Saba.

I’m always, ALWAYS seeking serenity. As a highly-sensitive introvert, daily life in the real world can be quite overwhelming (I work full-time as a procurement analyst. It’s as exciting as it sounds). You would never guess this if you met me – I can be sociable, but it drains me completely. I’ve been studying and practicing mindfulness for a couple of years, along with a incorporating a daily morning meditation practice. Both have helped me tremendously with remaining calm and focused in an otherwise chaotic world. But, I am not a master – at least not yet. But with practice, I strive make improvements each day.

And lastly, I suffer from chronic depression (diagnosed when I was in my early twenties). But, I dislike using the term “suffering”. It makes it seem like the depression beats me down every day. It doesn’t. I do have some down days (they seem more frequent during the winter – I loathe the cold, and coupled with cloudy, dreary days, it’s a TKO on my mood). I mention the depression because I know I am not the only one who has it, and sometimes it can feel like no one understands the mood fluctuation. I do. But I know it can be managed. There can be more good days than bad. I can show you! 🙂

So walk with me. Let me help you find happiness, serenity, peace. If you ever want to chat, please feel free to contact me.

Peace, love, happiness, and harmony,

Jen Zeman