A Break From The Online World

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Digital detoxes, unplugging, going radio silent are phrases tossed around about the need from us to detach ourselves from the internet and email from time to time. After reading a post yesterday from George Taylor on whether we’ve become slaves to the internet (Is Our Reliance on Technology Sustainable?), I knew I had to make some serious decisions on my future with social media. I love it in so many ways: connecting to like-minded people from around the world, learning from so many people who are way smarter than me, viewing gorgeous art and images from all over, and keeping up with my favorite artists. But there is a tremendous downside: the time-suck of all this connection, as well as the brain-drain from constant connection and the tidal wave of drama and negativity that seems to infiltrate no matter how hard you try to avoid it. I feel right now stuck between two selves: one who wants, who NEEDS to retreat from it all and live in her own world of quiet and serenity in order to maintain her health, and the other wannabe activist who is infuriated at the state of the world (inequality, war, climate change, animal welfare – the list goes on). This latter part is a daily onslaught. I’m finding myself addicted to Twitter at the moment trying to stay current with the state of this country and all the insane news that crops up every single day. I’m starting to feel guilty about wanting to tweet about the joys of meditation when children are being killed in Aleppo (this is today’s tragic news). I’m starting to feel day-to-day activities are pointless in light of the decline of the world around me. But then I stop, and I breathe.

After that one deep breath the wise part of me chimes in to remind me I am only one woman. I have many gifts, but the one gift I am to share with this world is my art and my love for peace and serenity. I remind myself THIS is what the world needs now more than ever. The wars – I truly cannot control. I wish I could – there would be none. The reversal of climate decline – we’d all be using solar and wind power and all cars would be electric. All animals would be free from negative human interaction. I need, I must move forward each day with all this in my heart, my soul. I must continue to meet each person I come in contact with every day with a smile. I must continue to be me.

Going forward I will be tweaking my social media usage and profiles. I am eliminating the negative and keeping the positive. I will remember to do all that I can do to make the world a better place, to make my life as happy and as healthy as I can. My hope is that you do the same.

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